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New capabilities!!

New site prototype capabilities added:  Micro-Grid Map (google map of micro-grids around the world), Experts (meet-the-expert + forum), ability to add articles for Micro-Grid News.  Next prototype features to be added will be administrative access to maintain and update interactive Micro-Grid map database and a document Library for Micro Grids and Power Africa Projects where documents can be uploaded and/or links to documents located on other web sites.




Sustainable Energy For All  (SEforALL)

Resource Portal


Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) was founded in 2011 by the United Nations’ (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon to serve as a platform for global partnership and collaboration towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve these goals, a newly formed non-governmental organization (NGO) was formed to house this initiative. Under the guidance of this NGO secretariat, SEforALL aims to achieve three main objectives by 2030:

- ensure universal access to modern energy services;

- double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency; and

- double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

To achieve these objectives, SEforALL has secured the support of many multi- and bi-lateral development and financial institutions (“Partners”) as well as practitioners (“Members”) who are dedicated to work with SEforALL on these objectives. To manage the organizational structure of these collaborating institutions, SEforALL has established multiple partnerships such as the Regional Hubs and Thematic Hubs, High Impact Opportunities (HIO, also referred to as “Accelerators”), and Advisory Board Committees.

As a Member of the Clean Energy Mini-Grid Group (a SEforALL High Impact Opportunity (HIO), or Accelerator), Partnership International has been working with this group to create a communication platform as a pilot to further SEforALL objectives.    Likewise, as SEforALL continues moving towards achieving its missions, it seeks to coordinate efforts between its stakeholders and encourage open discussions which will encourage a collaborative narrative through the development of varying tools. Their goal is to encourage interaction and collaboration with SEforALL various parties committed to the SEforAll mission. The proposed Portal would fulfill this goal by allowing its 30+ Partners to coordinate efforts and further progress on reaching SEforALL’s objectives.

 As stated in the SEforALL 2016-2021 Business Plan, the overall communication plan of SEforALL can be summarized through these four goals:

1. Work with its Partners to develop its ‘shared narrative’,

2. Create tools for its Partners,

3. Invite broad audiences to engage with its content, and

4. Create a joint megaphone [to allow for collaboration].

To aid SEforALL in achieving the above goals, Partnership International’s seeks to help develop a collaborative platform through the Portal. This platform will aim at addressing the objectives and goals specified by SEforALL, its HIO Accelerators, Regional and Thematic Hubs, and collective Partners and Members. In doing so, PI proposes to work closely with SEforALL and their collective Partners/Members on the creation of a platform through which all SEforALL Partner/Members can further communicate in a collaborative one-stop Portal. This platform would enable increased sharing of information between SEforALL Partners/Members and help mobilize the overall efforts and goals of SEforALL.

As a first step, Partnership International proposes to assist SEforALL in achieving its mission objectives by focusing on its 30+ Partners at large. As with the Mini-Grid Accelerator, much of the pre-existing online tools of these Partners can be accumulated under a one-stop Portal. In developing this platform, PI intends to engage all SEforALL energy efficiency, renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, wave, biomass) and collaborative Partners/Members from the private sector, public sector, and civil society through a collaborative one-stop portal for improved SEforALL coordinated efforts. 

This website will translatable in over 60+ languages and will include:


=> New Capabilities: This section of the home page will constantly be updating users about the new features or additions to the website.

=> Welcome to the Portal: Informational articles will be displayed in a blog style so that users will be directed to the latest features and information.

=> Social Media Links: (e.g. Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook).

Knowledge Bank: 

 => News:  News articles, viewpoints, and informational updates.

- News Updates

- Partners' News

=> Library: – Will consist of some of the following:

    • Energy Efficiency Resource Documents 
      • Case Studies
      • Databases
      • Information and Dissemination
      • Procurement Documents
      • Legal Documents
      • Methodologies and Protocols
      • Project Financing
      • Standards and Labeling
      • Survey and Questionnaires
      • Terms of Reference
      • Training Material
      • Economic and Financial Analysis
    • Renewable Energy Resource Documents
      • Data and Statistics
      • Country Profiles 
    • Mini-Grid Resource Documents
      • Introduction to Mini-Grids
      • Setting up a Mini-Grid Business
      • Site Selection
      • Legal and Compliance
      • Mini-grid Business Models
      • Technical System Design 
      • Community and Stakeholder Engagement
      • Financing
      • Procurement, Installation and Commissioning
      • Operation and Maintenance
    • Asia-Pacific Informational Portal
    • Rural Electrification Resources
    • Legal/Regulatory Frameworks, Incentives and Overcoming
    • Financial Resources
      • Finance First
      • Blended Returns
      • Impact First

=> Calendar: View related events, webinars, etc.

  • Events
  • Webinars

=> Directory:

  • Suppliers
  • Services
  • Financiers

=> Green Bonds: An area where individuals and/or institutions can invest in mini-grid projects.


Data Bank (Searchable Maps):

=> Mini-grid Practiioner Data Bank: mapping of individual mini-grids by location, renewable resources, benficiaries, etc. 

=> ARE Mapping of Funders/TA Support: mapping of public, philanthropic, and commercial sources of funding, technical, and other support available for the implementation of clean energy mini-grids

=> World Bank Global Tracking Framework Map: providing indicators that compare the investment climate of countries with regard to energy access, energy efficiency, and renewable energy

 => REN21 Map (Renewable Energy Network 21): RE21economic development and policy frameworks, in conjunction with the Renewables Global Status Report (GSR)

=> IRENA Global Atlas: features a wide range of resource maps for solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy, and marine energy


Forum: "Ask the Experts" from Regional Hubs, Thematic Hubs, and HIO Accelerators

=> Meet the Experts: This section will give users a chance to improve their understanding of the Stakeholders & Professionals who have served in their fields. 

=> Ask the Experts: Help desk where one can E-mail experts in the field who are available as virtual consultants (volunteer and/or fee-based) to projects in the field seeking technical assistance.

=> Forum Blogs: Exchanging information and feedback with other users.

- GIZ's Energypedia: Platform for collaborative knowledge exchange

Yammer: SE4ALL HIO Social Network

The overall goal of the RE-Source.Net Portal is to provide a one-stop resource and sharing of information in order to allow other entities, developers, and/or investors to develop remote, reliable clean energy in places that have not had or lack sufficient access to electricity.

PI proposes to work closely with the SEforALL and Partners to help develop a sustainable Portal infrastructure so that the Portal is independently operated by SEforALL and their 30+ Partner organizations and can be successfully transferred to the SEforALL website.

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