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Welcome to Re-Source.Net - Mini-Grid Portal



Mini-Grid Portal - United Nations SE4ALL

Initiated under the UN Foundation Mini/Micro-Grid Working Groups, 2012 – ongoing



Executive Summary


Realizing the growing importance of developing sustainable energy access around the world, the United Nations launched the Sustainability Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative in 2011. The SE4ALL initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership between governments, the private sector, and civil society towards achieving three interlinked objectives by 2030:

 1. Ensure universal access to modern energy services.

 2. Double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.

 3. Double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.


Toward this goal, SE4ALL Secretariat urges governments, businesses, civil society, and partner organizations to support this shared vision that energy enables growth and leads to job creation, economic development, and empowerment of marginalized populations.


Since 2012, initially under the United Nations Foundation’s (UNF) Mini-grid Practitioner Network and more recently under the SE4ALL High Impact Opportunity - Clean Energy Mini-grid Group, Partnership International (PI) has been collaborating with a consortium of UNF Practitioners and HIO participating donor-agencies, NGOs and private organizations to help develop a global Mini-grid Portal that will be used as an one-stop collaborative resources, mapping and sharing of mini-grid projects around the world.

In support of the SE4ALL, PI has proposed to develop a comprehensive Knowledge Bank, Data Bank and Expert Forum to help promote sustainable develop of mini-grids. Together with this consortium of stakeholders, donor-agencies, NGOs and private mini-grid related companies, PI seeks to help develop a global Mini-grid Portal that will host valuable resource information and map technical, policy, financial aspects of mini-grid developments around the world.


Given the mission of SE4ALL, we feel this is the ideal home for the Portal. To complement the goals of SE4ALL, PI proposes to develop the portal with the broader SE4ALL partners in-mind.   We propose to work with SE4ALL partners to fully develop this functionality and work with SE4ALL Secretariat so they are able to independently leverage this capability on the SE4ALL website.   The ICT platform developed by PI will allow all resources to be housed on the partner’s server, while being mirrored on the Mini-grid Portal. Once the portal is fully developed and sustainably run by the technical staff of SE4ALL, it is proposed that the portal be fully transferred to the SE4ALL website.


This Mini-grid website will translatable in over 60+ languages and will include:



=> New Capabilities: This section of the home page will constantly be updating users about the new features or additions to the website.


=> Welcome to the Portal: Informational articles will be displayed in a blog style so that users will be directed to the latest features and information.


=> Social Media Links: (e.g. Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook).

Knowledge Bank: (To be developed)


=> News: Mini-grid news articles, viewpoints, and informational updates.

=> SE4ALL Library: – Will consist of the following:

    • Mini-grid Resources – Tools and Documents

- Country/Market Information

- Policy/Legal Documents

- Financial/Resources

  • HIO Focus Areas – Documents specific to the HIO Focus Areas related to mini-grid developments.

  • => FAQ: Mini-grid basic information and FAQs


    => Directory of Searchable Contact List:

    • Mini-grid suppliers
    • Financial institutions
    • NGO and development agencies

    => Calendar: View related activities, workshops, etc.

    => Green Bonds: An area where individuals and/or institutions can invest in mini-grid projects.


    Data Bank (Map Databases):


    => Mini-grid Map – (To be further developed according to Section 3 below) Mini-grid database powered by Google Maps; these maps of Mini-grids worldwide will be linked to a database with detailed information. Mini-grids framework with detailed data and overall framework of the mini-grid (location, renewable resources, transmission/distribution, beneficiaries, etc.)


    => World Bank RISE Map (Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy Database) - A new World Bank Group project providing indicators that compare the investment climate of countries across the three focus areas of the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative: energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy 


    => REN21 Map (Renewable Energy Network 21) - A searchable Renewables Interactive Map for tracking the development of renewable energy worldwide. It offers a method for sharing information on economic development and policy frameworks. In conjunction with the Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) this map platform displays up-to-date information compiled from the report and a variety of reports, databases, news announcements, specific enquiries with official authorities, and other sources.


    Experts/Stakeholders Forum: (To Be Developed)


    => Meet the Experts – This section will give users a chance to improve their understanding of the Stakeholders & Professionals who have served in their fields. 


    => Ask the Expert: (TBD) Mini-grid help desk where one can E-mail experts in the field who are available as virtual consultants (volunteer and/or fee-based) to projects in the field seeking technical assistance.


    => Forum Blogs: Exchanging information and feedback with other users.


    => Yammer: SE4ALL HIO Yammer Network


    The overall goal of the RE-Source.Net Portal is to provide a one-stop resource and sharing of information in order to allow other entities, developers and/or investors to develop remote, reliable clean energy in places that have not had, or lack sufficient access to electricity.


    PI proposes to work closely with the SE4ALL Secretariat and partners to help develop a sustainable Portal infrastructure so that the Portal is independently operated by SE4ALL and their partner organizations and can be successfully transferred to the SE4ALL website.


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